Friday, June 05, 2009

14th Feb '09

The cupids hit me once again on that day.
I fell in love again.
They say you'll only learn how to appreciate when u lost something.
I thought I lost you, boy.
But I'm blessed, fate gave me another chance to be loved and love,
and to appreciate at the same time.
I will not forget what u have done to get me back.
I will not forget how u've wanted to surprise me.
Everything you've done,
is safely kept in the deepest side of my heart.

I might be mean to you at times,
I might be out of control at times,
just because i love you like i never do.
Every now and then, i'll be loving you.

3 years and still counting...

The painting that u've given it to me. and u made it into a card.
The one and only card in the world.

Valentine's day @ Look Out Point

Nice view. But, we we re so disappointed with the food.

Later, hanging out @ Republic

Yea, my bestie were there too! mwahhh!

And, here comes some very unglamorous pictures of us...

I love her so much
And I love him too!

Words can't describe how much you mean to me.
Thanks for everything. And everything.


Esther Leow said...

haha! wish both of u happy together forever!! ^.^

Cynthia said...

Hey.. I'm so touch to see the photo there. Never knew that Ray could do such a romantic things for you.. Really have to appreciate ya=) Love you too.

G said...

camera no more!!

Anonymous said...

haha... G banyak potong lar... suddenly came out " CAMERA NO MORE!!"

Anyway, happy together yea! =D

Anonymous said...

by the way, previous msg was posted by tammy.. ngek ngek ngek.


Ssk said...

flower.. candle light.. camera.. wine glass... self design card...
how many times did ur heart melted for tht nite? lol.. *sweet*

shella said...

hahah thanks guys for the wishes n all.. dah lar say like we're married. T.T

epin said...

i only can say.... "bulu stand up together" hahahaaa. be happy babe.

shella said...

thanks pin.
hey i miss u.
faster come to kl lar.. or pg also can.. hahaha