Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hellooo Cyber.
There are always stories after I went MIA for quite sometimes.
People are acting weird nowadays.
Some are trying to be the Miss Goodie-goddie type, but somehow there are people still being mean.

I already have no comment on those miss goodies but I have something in my mind for another type of people.

HOW OLD ALREADY, can't you just be generous a bit?

Okay i dun wanna be too obvious cause I seriously don't wanna get involved. but if u really wanna get me involved, you can confront to me alright.

Ok. So, these people, they are no longer friends with that people. [which I think it's childish cause that party didn't really hurt them- just some internal cat fight]
What I can say is, after years when you look back you'll seriously find yourself childish. It's a long-time-ago-issue why must so kek dong right? At first people being nice/fake to say hi then you guys give that kind of face, fine. After that people no longer greets you all, why must u people tell others that the person is fake to greet u all in front of others and ingore u ppl when no one is around? YA, when no one is around? how are we suppose to know. But from what I see, u guys are exaggerating.

When 2 girls are in a fight, usually guys don't involve. Guy who involves, is a female.
You guys should have grown up man. Be generous lar please.


刘昱品-lauyupin said...

one head blur water...

shella said...

hahaha diresct translation: yi tou wu shui~

G said...

i like cat fight! when will it happen again?

Anonymous said...

any misunderstanding?

and if you do not want to get involved, you should not write this.

shella said...

[anon]i duno. i hope there is. yes i say i dun wanna get involved. and confront to me if u want me to get involved. like i say, this is not a thread to ANYONE. just my plain point of view. =)

hooi jinn said...

hmm isn't what blogs are supposed to be created for?writing down own point of view.unless shella u want to be right those anti-government dudes,then u write down all shits about politics,right?haha.

not getting involve,but just...pen down what she feels regarding some particular incident.

ahh..life is good.people created blogs to be our e-diary.such wonderful,right roommie?=)

but in someway,i do agree with my roommie,any misunderstanding?approach rather then spitting behind. goooooday! =)

Anonymous said...

true true :)