Saturday, April 25, 2009

[my long lost entry]

Finally my cny entry is up.
But there's nothing special to talk about cause besides self-cam-whored, not much pictures taken. [eh it's cny deh, everyone's gambling here and there, couldn't simply take picture]
I didn't really specifically buy clothes for cny. but i bought 2 boxes.


And this

I hate it cause I always felt cheated. [ehmm]
Okay at first i just wanted to buy the base, the bottle at the most right side. Ah then, talked lar talked. Talked more to the sales girl. Ended up bought the masks which price were double of that base. So eventually, rm360 gone. [little bottles were free gifts]

Okay. Back to first day of CNY '09.

Day 2:
Can't remember whose house I was heading to. :p

Day 3, day 4... etc. All self captured pictures. aiya i shy la. hahahaha

Another night,[cousins night] we went to Segafredo. My cousin sister just got back from UK that time. So we just hang around and had some wine. =)

my stupid cousin, izzac. haha

Bla bla bla..
Then i was back to cyber.
It was February. The month of loves. teehee...
Tammy, Jinn, Sek Lee and I went to 21 kitchen n bar again. Tammy, was really steady. haha. I just gave her a call when I was about to pass by her place. And she was here with us!


We had another wine session after the JD session at 21. =)
Omg lar.. there were mahjong, cigg, and NOTES on the table.

Tiger beer is my companion while writing this entry.

Upcoming entry: Valentine's day. <3 <3 <3


.:seklee:. said...

omg la...this blog is like totally ketinggalan zaman hair is already changed from straight to curl for almost 2 months...u imagine la huh... :)

hooi jinn said...

same here.
my hair last time yang sungguhnyer kolot sekali changed edy now only come and post.

shella said...

eh u both can stop complaining ah.. hahaha.... later la later.. post the latest hair style of urs. hahaha

click99 said... beautiful!!!!