Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lone Pine.

Each time when we go for the beach session, it'll always be the same place we set at. Always and always... and everytime I look at you, I'm dying to go for you but never once success.

Lame excuses came to my mind cause I wanted to go closer to you.

I remembered I sneaked inside the bathroom, sneaked inside the garden and walked around like you were belong to me.

After long time of searching,

I've finally found you...

the entrance to the room.

the back view which i used to look you at.

You were so close yet so far.

the L-shaped pool.
the Bungalow to dine in.

the deck bar.

the room. our-room-soon-to-be

I'm getting closer to all the above.
I'm coming to you Lone Pine, babes tagging along,
liqour tagging as well.
And Sunset Bistro won't be missed out.

Oh my.. the Deluxe Suite.

Enough said. =)


mandy said...

haha cibai betul this post. haha

mandy said...

haha cibai betul this post. haha

shella said...

[mandy]walao... haha.. wat, u thought i got my second spring is it? hahaha

mandy said...

really kanineh. hahaha