Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Korean BBQ...

Friday night, before I began with my MJ war, Ray and I went to hunt for our dinner.
Puchong, a lot of food to eat right? But we were there hunting and didn't know what to eat for like 20 minutes..

Then I finally I saw something which was kinda interesting, Korean BBQ. Er, not to say interesting, bbq only ma.... It's just, i never tried Korean food before okay! Laugh la laugh.

Ok, so we went up there. Surprisingly, the place was kinda clean and the shop separated into 2 sections. We were sitting at the other section which we had to take off our shoes. And ah, i think they hired Korean waiters. Cause once we got in there, we could feel it's like.. a very traditional Korean cuisine. The REAL Korean cuisine.

We ordered the skinless bla bla bla chicken and bla bla bla pork. Most of my friends know that i dont really eat pork. But I tell you ah, the pork... after bbq-ed, SO DAMN NICE!!!!

The waiters served damn nice also! They helped us to bbq it, then they'll cut it, then they'll put it in a small bowl after it's cooked.

See the little bowl there? That's garlics. And the rest were the onions and potatoes. When the pork is cooked, jam it with the seasame oil, then take the garlics, put it with the special spicy-sours-salty sauce(haiya i don't know what sauce la it's a damn nice sauce la!), then use vegetables to wrap the pork and the garlic, then eat! IT'S SO NICE OKAY!!!!!!!

So these are the side dishes.

And this is the Kimchi soup. (泡菜汤)

The rice. very nice also the rice. I'm not exaggerated ok! The rice really nice. The chopsticks also nice the spoon also nice. hahaha. but the chopsticks damn heavy... =.=

Yum yum yum~~
The tube there is to suck the smoke so that you wont get smelly. And you hair, you face wont get oily. "_"

Wohooo posing posing!

You know what, it was so awkward at first cause we didn't know the proper way to eat those food. When the meat was cooked, I just put some sauce and ate like that. Then ah, I think the waiter no-eye-see d, and he taught us the proper way to eat the meat. Damn embarrassing lar.. haha.. but it was fun though. =) =) =)

Not much pics been taken cause we're so busy with our meals.
And I SWEAR, I prefer Korean food way much than Japanese food. The heavy-taste of Korean food is more suitable for us, or for me perhaps. Japanese food is just light-tasted. Blah~

When we're about to leave, i think 6 ppl surrounding us at the entrance, bowing and saying "kham-sa-ham-ni-da"~~~lalalala... So paiseh I didn't know how to respond. =.="

Awesome food. Great services. Pleasant dinner. I'll definitely visit to that shop again!



Anonymous said...

I m so so so in love with korean bbq tooooooooo~~~~~~~There are unlimited side dishes and every korean bbq's waiters are nice~~ =) when i see ur kou shui dy come out looooo~~~


shella said...

come we go next time ok?
im serious! '.'