Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fishing my way to Made of Honour

Finals period. When everyone's torturing themselves with their notes, I went for fishing.
. . .
Fishing??? WTF?

Heee.. I was playing this game for the whole blardy-hot-day. And finally I got myself ranked in the list. Sienzz... I just checked again and I AM NOT IN THE LIST!!!
How come like that? Why???

Nvm, I got proofs.

See?? Can you see that?

Where's my name ey?


mandy hate sjhella said...

stop fishing n come mahjong with me for godness sake

*Sue said...

shella!! send me the link. hehe.. seems interesting. at least can burn my time abit. i'm bored!!

*Sue said...

haha.. i manage to google it. and after google-ing it, i realized its linked in ur blog -_-||| haha.. thanks anyway!

shella said...

enjoy playing yea! =)