Monday, March 10, 2008

What were you doing at the age of 6?

Probably you were.. ehm.. perhaps we were playing masak-masak with the sisters, guys were playing guns and running all around and fall till they got bruises, etc.
Did we know what was a studio at the age of 6? Did we know how a song produced?
I watch this video at youtube months ago and never get bored of watching that again and again.
Then just now I found the other videos of hers, she already had an album. Seriously man, listen to her sing, she can make you cry. This is really good.
Ready to turn on your speaker and when she sings, you feel the environment is so quiet and peaceful.

p/s: click on the link, u wont regret!



Anonymous said...

that's nice!super nice!thx for sharing.

she even know wat she wan to be when she is jz 6~i dy 21.still dunno wat i can be in the future.wat a shame.><


shella said...

lemme suggest u..
ehm.. what you shud do is, club with me and drink with me! muahahaha!!!