Thursday, March 13, 2008


I dont care anymore! hmp..
Im just too lazy to edit the pics and i just uploaded those pics that havent been uploaded since n centuries ago. Heee...

A lil' surprise given by B months ago.
It's his handmade tiny box with...
candy inside!
Yea it's just Cloud 9 but i was very happy~

Wuu.. the birdnest tart =)
Boy's B'day

Sorry yea boy now only i manage to upload ur bday celebration's pictures. Hiii...
Da lovely dovey couple
Boy and I
Boy and ehm.. eepin. HAHAHAHA

The bday cake
Jinn was happy with the cake. =)
Then the cake went liddat...
Still eating...
The cake went like....
Hmm.. nice nice......
... ... ...
LOL jinn dont kill me kay? muacks!


Tomyam.. slurp slurp~~
I couldnt remember these are the baskin robin's or haagen dazs...

Xmas celebration
@ s'pore

I got blisters. And, I was just only wearing SLIPPERS!!!

xmas eve@ Clarke Quay

Making fool at ma cousin's house...
Da boyfriend =)

Da funny biao dii~

@Sake Room

Cyber peeps visited PG!
@ Wine house

New Year Eve
@The Curve

'06 new year, we were with each other..
'07 new year, we celebrated together...

'08 new year, we were there for each other...

We laughed,

We cried,

We hugged,

We kissed,

We care for each other...

And Im glad she's my roommiee~~~
Yer, jinn flies up high d! hahaha...
So geli....

@ Bar Celona

Xp was high. super high before he entered the club.

Still very high. Sigh...

Cam whore made our night. WTF.
Sounds so sad ryd?

@Luna Bar


How good if I was holding text book instead of novel...

That's all for now. Really don't have much time to edit the pictures hopefully they don't look dumb&dull lar hah...



skimpy said...

u and eepin damn bad.
always upload those pics tht i look very extremely bad shape and also u.g.l.y.
no wonder nobody dare to talk to me after stalking ur blog.
cuz they thought im a big green fat monster!
buttttttt,i know im important to u!
ngehehehe.thanks for sleeping beside me everyday.
i know,u said thank u too.
you are most welcome.
=) hugs and kissesssss.
loheng de dua pui.
(i'm adapting this name already)
laugh la laugh.

shella said...

HAHA... siao lor u...
well.. im not gonna call u this name anymore since u already adapted. cz u know wat, i lurve to see ur ter-zha's face! haha..
fei po jinn... hm... nice?
remember karma? LOL.. i wonder what will tke call me in behind. hmp...

mandy hate shell said...

u bought the white dress~!!! bitch u shell!!!!!! now im gonna drown myself in misery

shella said...

hahaaha.. it was long ago la...:p