Thursday, March 22, 2007


...and the so called 'friends'.
I've seen through it times and times.
I'll be there when you want me to but you aren't here when I need you.

I think I could just love and appreciate part of you all my friends.
You know who you are.

By now, I wanna apologize to someone whom I sincerely love.
I'm so sorry, I did not know that today meant so much to you. I seriously did not know about that, at all. I should have know about it. The rest have done the role as a friend who concerns and cares about you but I did nothing.
I'm sorry, ssk... :(((


cynthia said...

hey gal.. are you ok??

Anonymous said...

*my kachang*

just update ur blog...n wanna tell u tht..

LOVE u so much~+!

Chelsia said...

You write very well.