Friday, February 09, 2007

JQI aka Just Quit It.

My life continues to be sux since the new sem started.
Never stop skipping classes. It's so much different compare to what I had done in the beginning of the previous sem. Like I'm giving myself 2 weeks of study week. Blah!
Feel like quitting from ciggies. Sigh, before now and afterwards, I know the consequences that ciggies will bring but never really stop taking it. For my future's sake, I shall cut them down.

Bless me.
C'mon Babe!



skimpy said...

please delete ur post.cuz...u juz took one stick right after u post ur blog. =)

s!nG Y0Ng said...

u're right?always break our promise and get attracted by the ciggies even said wana quit d..haihz..when oni can really make it ar?
ps:kena tangkap by ur fren d o~here said wana stop but still smoke hor..:p