Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Guess...

... I'm back.
Hm.. Cause I've no idea when I'll be missing again.
Tons of pix that I would like to upload.. the Langkaw trip, pix, pix and pix taken when I was in Pg...yada yada yada...

While in the ship. VIVA LANGKAWI!!!

The lion roars. Louie might kill me if she sees this. *wink*

Nice scenary. Special thanks to JL.
What a face... I had flu that day and tried to interrupt sashiki when she was taking pics.

2 weirdos posing at the beach!

Hello Louie...
Louie:' HEY YO!!'

Louie::Sashiki::SHELLA::Choon Hoong

Siput Discovering time!!!
At first...

CH, ssk and I were so excited while we found the tiny sea-shells. Alived shells!

Then, ssk gave up. CH.. half-gave up while I.. were still busy washing the shells!!

Back to then, Sashiki totally gave up while Ch was back washing the shells with me!

Sea-shell sea-shell where are you??

... ...

The night in Langkawi
We went to a disco on the first night. You will never imagine how sad the place is cause excluding the waiters there, we were the only guest. YUP!
Finished up a jug of beer then we chaoz-ed. But I guess we people there were kinda enjoy the night though without the rest. =)

**Pinky pinky** ciggies...

Alright give a break for the pixs. Langkawi trip was fun. I miss the white sandy beach, the blooming sun, the unpeaked season, the chalet and especially the SUPER CHEAP liquor & ciggies. Thanks to Ch's family for the friendly treat.
And lastly, I would like to photoshop these pix, make them look more happening but.. That is too many to photoshop! So... Hope you guys dont mind and happy sharing!
I'll be back!

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s!nG Y0Ng said...

whoa gal...not bad leh...u r attracting me go there for all the nice cheap liquor and!!!u din buy some come back ar?ngek ngek~
so go bek to cyber now again d lo?take care...