Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tiring day!

Woke up early in da morning.
Rushed back to Cyber from Subang.
(not really rushing actually, safety FIRST on the road ^^)
Got to campus after changed.
Passed up my assignment.
Sleepy-ing in the class.
Done the presentation and legs shaking while presenting.
Back to my room.


How I wish I could just fall on my bed without my sticky body, and with the already-changed outfit, then snoring as load as I could.

Too bad, I cant!
I can't sleep with that sticky body, still I have to shower.

I have to score well for my final. If I can get into first class(CGPA 3.67 and above) then ALex will sub a credit card for me. Arrhhhh!!! I want it I want it! *Desperate*
But someone is looking down towards me cause when he heard that he lauged, then he said he will reward me 100 bucks if I really get my CGPA 3.67.
HNG! Don't look down on me ok. My result for the past few time isn't that bad.
Err.. Ok lar... It's like the highest I got before is only 3.29, 1st year, 1st sem. =.="

No more crapping! (Dont laugh ok people who reading!)
Money motivates me! (I myself is laughing deep in the heart) =.=''

My current Wish List:
- Score well in my final.
- I wanna keep fit. ( DONT LAUGH !!!)
- Arrange a time for my yoga class.
- I need money.
- I need a break.
Blank a few seconds..
I thought I had tons of things to list down before writing this blog??? Whatever!

Oh yea, for ya information, I'm going back to Pg this coming Friday.
Yup, for my brother, Alen's sake. Then back to Cyber again on Sunday.
Sorry if I could not spend my time with u guys when I'm back, since I just stay for a very short moment.

Don't miss me, alright?

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