Saturday, September 09, 2006

Save the animal!

I was nothing to do then I re-read my yahoo mail. From the earliest onwards, and when I only reached the 3rd one, I clicked on that link that I never realized. And that really pains my heart.

I wonder why the human on earth can be that cruel.
Animals too have their right to stay alive.
Human stole their only thing which keeps them warm, and stole their right to live too.
Human stole that just to keep themselves in warm, and most of them are just because of the pretty, luxury outfit.

Can't you see they're in pain? Can't you see their tears? Can't you see they are bleeding?!! Can't you feel their pain?? You the cruel people will feel pain if only get cut on your finger but you are tearing fur, their skin!

Are this humanity? Think about it!

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