Monday, September 04, 2006

Night. Lonely

Not gaming together, not sweeting together, not putting 2 chairs together, not watching drama together.
No laughter in the middle of de night, no joking, no mumbling, no even arguement.


I'm back to my room again.

I'm glad that I still remember those feeling before we got each other.
When he played piano for me, when he sang to me...
Those songs, I still remember. It's appearing in my mind. The flow in my heart is still drifting. I'm real glad. But this makes me even more miss this fella, my dear.

When we argued, I felt like raising both my hands. Not to surrender but it's like, GIVE UP! I was so sick of keep quarreling at the same thing.
But when I think properly, luckily I never really did. I mean giving up this relationship. I'm so into him and I knew that.. it'll be tough if I'm without him.
I knew sometimes I'm a bit.. erm.. u know... like an old people, keep mumbling at him not to do this, not to do that, bla bla bla..
Anyway, I've really tried to make him feel easy but... OK. FINE. Perhaps I'm really an old woman. =.=

Just take it as a trial. A sweet-sour-bitter trial which to get through a relationship. This is what I tell myself always. Always...

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Anonymous said...

this really touched me. i'm not kiddin.
its like u captured every moment we've been together.
thnx girl i'll never forget those moments we've spent. me n u.
i love you n i wanna tell u u're not an old woman, totally. u're my lovely girl and also my beloved baby. "hero" is still burning in my heart.
i love you and to get through this "trial" i really need you to be on my side.
i'm always urs Shella.