Thursday, September 07, 2006

Great me.

Why I feel great about myself? Cause I have short term memory. Ya right...

Symptom 1: Always looking for something end up I found I was holding it.
Symptom 2: Always left something at somewhere though I had remind myself not to forget.
Symptom 3: I couldn't memorize what I studied when I thought I could.
symptom 4: I left my clothes at the cashier after I paid and I just walked off. I realized there's something missing after 20 minutes and after I bought some breads. Obviously I rushed back to that shop and took it from the sales man. He raised his eye brow, looked so surprised and put his thumb up, like, "Great."

Symptom 4 not only shows that I have short term memory. It also shows that I'm always doing something emberassing. like yesterday while we were taking our BCT quiz. 30 minutes was given. I fell asleep after 10 minutes and guess what. MY LECTURER WOKE ME UP AND I LEFT ONLY 10 MIN!!!
Ofcourse I finished all the Q cause I did not have much time to think about it. Then after the quiz, the lec whispered to me. He was like,

"I never had a student fallen asleep in my quiz. Ever."

Then he smiled and walked away. EMBERASSED... -.-

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cynthia said...

hey really "great"!!!