Friday, August 18, 2006

'x'ilen of de night...

Taken my Critical Thinking paper this evening. It was tough.
I'm still awake although I'll be having listening test for tomorrow. What to do? Can't sleep at all... There's something stucking in my heart, very uncomroftable... :((
Ray is in KL now but I haven't seen him. That isn't my fault for being so desperate to meet him cause he could hardly come to KL although I knew he's shifting back to The One Academy.
Actually his purpose to KL is to settle his accomodation thingy but and to entertain the friend who helped him lot...
I don't mean to blame anything or what, and I'm not blaming. I'm just feeling down... Can't I just have a lil bit, just a lil bit upset??
Just believe that he is waiting to see me too. He is desperate too. He is having the same thing in mind as what I am having now... (I guess my roommate is shaking her head and... *sigh*)

(Please scroll down a bit, there have Jolin's MTV. I love this song)

She's pretty; she's sexy; she's absolutely gorgeous.
But the nose is fake. It doesn't matter whether the knife been through her or not but I wonder why she denies that. No idea...

Sheldon, your watch is so cool, so unique! :)

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Anonymous said...

yes u sure can have a lil bit down.
no big deal , but i think ray is also down-ing. so dun afraid of down. its totally normal, everybodies down-ed b4 .