Thursday, August 17, 2006

Midterm midterm and midterm!!!

Midterm Week

I wonder why our governments don’t just let the student be rid of examination. Ya la, if you said this is a motivation for student but, really don’t have other solution meh?? Like reward or what lar… But I think our country can’t afford so many rewards for the student yet lar hor… And if it’s yes also not for Chinese lar. I was thinking this problem since secondary time. Isn’t very good if we just go to school to meet our friends, hang around in the classroom or canteen. Then pay attention in the class while that teacher is strict..bla bla bla… (Huh? We can also meet the buddies other than school time wert!) Eh hm.. It’s different when a bunch of you wearing school uniform, and my secondary school set a stupid rule saying the girls’ hair can’t exceed the ear more than 3cm -.- , then hang around at one’s classroom... Use ur imagination, isn’t that very happening?
Ish ish! Back to the reality. There won’t be such good things happen in this world unless I am the government. *wink*

That day I saw a girl wearing the same slippers as mine during the test. Really kek tiok! Cz she ugly-fied my slipper!! Really! If she wear it nicely then I don’t mind but.. Yikes!! The slipper is a number bigger than her foot, and she was shaking her leg! I hate people shake their leg!!! Sienzz~!!

Are girls sensitive?

Yes. Put up my hands and agree with it. What's wrong if girls are sensitive? And no matter what and no matter when, girls have the most accurate feel. When there's something wrong and they can sense it, right? So don't try to do hide something from a girl, you'll get penalty!

Ray is coming tomorrow, with his mother and they'll stay until sunday.
And I gotta go.. Hafta sit for 2 test tomorrow! Argh...

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jl said...

Wahaha..such a good idea yea ? ya la !! what for ? exam ? sucks !! It's so nice if we go to school just to pay some attention at class.. If it's , I think people in school should ask- wah, Jl, today u come to school ar ? :D