Friday, September 01, 2006

Traffic jam kills, u know?

Wake up early in da morning. Err... Not early lar, it's 1 somthing in de afternoon. I'm waiting for Ray to wake up and bring me back to Cyber.
Aikss... he just woke up and walked to the pc, and he thought I was chatting with someone else. Well I just closed one window, that's all. -.-

Oh ya, back to the topic. I'm waiting for him to get me back to Cyber cause I forgot to bring my pants. I just have jeans here and later on we're going for a movie with his friends. The movie is at 4 something. Hm... [shella is assuming the time], I think we better depart early to OneU in case there's traffic jam... ... Argh! Time ticking, I'm waiting, someone is sleeping...
No way, better wake him up now!

I'm cOming~~!!! Wake upppp!!!!!

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