Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm back!!!

Fuhh.. I'm back to my clog again!! MUAHAHA! But I guess I'll lost again for days.. Heehe... Chill la macha... I promise will blog more okay!
Both Ray and I went to have steamboat for dinner. Hm.. Somewhere at Subang. Fucking traffic jam spoilt the fucking mood and we quarreled. Nah, just a while only lar... And you can see double parking anywhere in Subang. -.-
Oh yea.. The steamboat was nice. At first we thought of going to have sushi (wherelse? Sushi King lar) again. End up we had steamboat and Im still fucking FULL. People out there, someday you guys should try ok! o_O

My mid term sux! I don't know how am I gonna handle my final. It's just Beta year and my result sucks! How to get high CGPA wor?!!!
Just now when I was arguing with 'someone', I told myself from that on I don't want to waste my time anymore; I wanna make myself a better person; I wanna download the slides from mmls, then sit alone at the corner and study.. bla bla bla... *SPITE*
Who knows after some moment.. Ok. Fine.. After having some FOOD, then I forgotten what I promised to myself... Aikes.... -.-

Roommie, U ok d ber?? I think you ok d right? Chill la machi... *chAck*
Yea right, that's the smile :) *winks*

Long time nvr blog d, skill regressing balz... Have no idea what else to crap.. -.-

Err.. Can I say happy Malaysia?

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