Thursday, July 20, 2006

-Time's Up-

Wohoo~! Finally I've done all the quizzes and test of the week! During the end of the BCT quiz, we had to predict our total marks. And guess what, I predicted that I would get 30 marks, over 100%. -.- 100% will contribute to 5%, so figure out how many marks would I get over 5%.
Yay! I'm going back to Pg tomorrow! Muahahaha!! It's more than a month I didn't see my mom, my sis, my lovely family~ *wink*

I don't know what's the situation now. I just feel bad. I would rather that I never knew all about these.
I was trying to figure out who was that anonymous. The comment that this fella dropped. I have no idea whether this fella was just simply dropped by or dropped the comment purposely, in a sacarstic way. Whatever it is, even without it's existance, I would like to stop everything. Really, I rather I never heard, I rather I never knew.
I'm not standing on whoever's side. You told me, I listened. I never tried to make things worse, you know that. But then now I don't feel like listen to any, anymore.
I think I never betray any of you guys. Yes, I claimed that. Never. And I'm just the third party since whatever day. If you think that I'm selfish then just keep ur mind going. I don't care cause I'm am what I am.

NEWS: I AM SORRY!!! That was someone else...

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