Monday, July 10, 2006

Thanks for everything...

I thought I would be suffering for few months with my dead pc; I thought I would be that fucking upset when everyone is online and I have to lay on my bed doing nothing. Just then he brought me his laptop and my problem solved indeed. Thanks baby~!

As I entered the room after my shower, the room was dark and it was candle-lighted. He sang the birthday song and with that mini Tiraimusi on his hands, celebrating my advanced birthday.. :)) Not only that, the card he made and the bed sheet, also the blanket his mom bought to me... Thanks.. Really.. Thanks a lot...
I met my brother, Alex this afternoon. We went to Lot 1o and shopped at the hyper. Fuhh.. my brother really can cook man! We captured a lot of pictured and it'll be uploaded very soon. That was really a wonderful dinner. The condo(Somerset Service Resident) was nice indeed... :) Hopefully I'll spend one or two nights over there with my friends and my baby. Ha ha ha!

Today it's the final match- France VS Italy. I wish Italy will win the match cause I bet on it. Muahaha.. Final wert, should bet on it right? Lolz, just an excuse lar...

Oh ya, between, Happy Birthday to SekLee.. Err... Should be..
*Happy Belated Birthday to SekLee*


Jl said...

lolz, Itlay won in the final match...congr ya..

Anonymous said...

er...... its Tiramisu ^^!
ur most welcome my girl.
hope u'll b happier wif the laptop i brought u. n "being" always ya ^^
miss u so much

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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