Friday, July 07, 2006

I'll be loved...

Well, I'm not OK. How to be OK? How to treat myself nicely? Is anyone there teach me how to treat myself nicely in this kind of situation? I have NO IDEA!
I'm afraid that I can't stand for these anymore. I stopped complaining when I realized this might make him feel bad.
Not only that, still I have to keep my tone as it is normal. But I failed.
How I wish I could see him when I open my eyes tomorrow. Yea, it's Friday. :)

The Reasons Why I Have to Go to LAE Class Tomorrow:
-PS gonna be alone if I'm not going since Eepin & Violet have already went back today.
-I have to take attendance in case the lecturer calls my name.
-I have to submit the outline of PMS.

Currently listening to Jolin's <假装>.


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