Friday, July 14, 2006

I turned 19!!!

I blew 3 times of candles during my birthday and ofcourse I made 3 times of wish while I was turning to 19!! :))

Thanks to my roommie and all my friends. My roommie cooked me 2 'red' eggs(as in she sticked the paper on the egg there and wrote 'red egg') for my birthday and I'm truly touched cause she totally doesn't how to cook an EGG. -_-
I guess there might be something happen since Jinn and SekLee insist me to go to Tan's house. I felt weird but never thought much. 'The best thing came when U least expect them'. :) I still remember this... :) And... TADAAAA~~~ They gave me surprise by giving me classic cake and KFC-McD-Pizza... Sob sob... Then I blew the candles, again... :)) Thanks a lot babe!! But I think it would be more happening if Boy and Sheldon they all were here....

The Next Day

I went to meet Tammy and her housemates at Redbox and we spent about 6 hours there. It was late to go home so I decided to stay overnight at her house. Hm.. Yum yum.. I love the fried tomyam nearby her house. I did not really taste the tomyam rice but I can't forget the chilli.. It was damn hot but DAMN NICE!!! Muahaha!!!

Well, 'I turned 19!!!', sounds like very happy. Ha ha.. ofcourse, everyone was celebrating with me.. But... Kinda wish to stay young, cz 'I turned 19' means I'm on the way to 20, 21, etc.. Hu hu hu... I don't wanna grow OLD can ah??? Lolz...

Anyway.. Thanks a lot to all of you! Muacksss~~!! The 19th's birthday is much more happening than my 18th's one. He he... Really! See, I had my dear beside me for the advanced birthday; I had my brother cooked me super delicious dinner for the advanced birthday; I got birthday card from my housemate, Jolyn; I recieved surprise from my roomie, choon hoong, seklee, eepin and ex-0209's dudes; I had Tamm and her housemates with me... And... I have LOVE revolving around... Love you guys so much!! Muacks muacks muacks mmmuackksss~!!!!


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