Friday, June 30, 2006

Hiding stars...

A million gazillion of 'sorry' for not being able to blog. While waiting for the last 2 hours class I'm now blogging in da library of MMU. Uh huh... Not MMU in Malacca but Cyber, muahahhaa!!
Well actually wanna copy those days when I couldn't get to online and the tiny-winy things in my mind.
Frankly shella is not that happy these days. Luckily I got to done my schedule rearrangement. U couldn't imagine how sucks was my life for the past few days. Hm.. maybe for the following days also... whatever...
Boy is here with us since Tuesday. Really great to have this fella around. He cheers every of us. I miss the other 'balzzz' indeed.. hm.. when u guys gonna come over to Cyber huh? (One fine day, maybe u'll answer me that.. hahahaha!)
Sigh, guess I'll miss boy a lot when he goes back. :(
I gotta go in very soon.. it's almost 10~


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