Friday, April 28, 2006


Last time I could just it in front of the pc and express those fucking crap in my mind. I could just express my feeling easily when I'm facing my blog. But look at me now, I had to take time even just to start a word!
I went to the campus for my group-mate sake, about the stupid photosession. End up I spent about an hour there and I was so lazy to give any comment or idea although I had some... According to my classmate all of us have to present out report for the business project on Tuesday morning and if we can't make it on Tue the lec will carry forward it to Thursday. Ok.. THURSDAY???? Then.. how about... Shit! Serious shit. This will ruin everything, trust me!
I was like a snail, hiding in my own shell and never wish to come out. Like I was afraid I would be sacrificed...
Yeap, I wasn't feeling well last night but I never blame anyone. Just blame on myself that I'm too weak and too emo.. Whateva~ I'm ok right now =)


Anonymous said... looking forward that u are coming back and we can go clubbing together...haha...
frankly..u know wat...I'm kinda like the "Shella" that fall in love. Before that, I'm so boring to read through your blog...coz was just all bad feeling from u...but now...I like to go through your blog...when I get to know both of you are doing so well and sweet...dunno why...I feel like...hmm..haha..dunno how to describe the feeling...u gave me a picture of a sweet couple that everyone envy of. Keep on buddy...keep the sweetness always...but this is the thing that most difficult to get...have to work hard...:)

All the best ya...

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