Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back to 'normal'?

I thought I wasn't alone anymore. He fulfilled the loneliness. But then, the days without companion I am still lonely. Yes I am.
I'm struggling to get rid of those days which seriously made me sick! Is that I'm trying to aim for another change? I don't really think so, cause it came silently without my requirement. Suddenly I wish to be alone. Just wanna be alone in this small, dull, lifeless room.
Seriously I don't wanna make him worry about me. So sometimes I rather hide it from him cause I know this is my own matter. I can handle it. Just some psychological problems I guess.
You may find it weird why I post these up if I really wanna hide it from him.
*I blog for myself*

P/s: There's something is for Shy. Hey, I agreed with you when I heard that song.

1 comment:

Jl said...

Yea..-微笑的理由- meaningful right ? =)
How bout you ? Kinda worry about u ler