Friday, March 17, 2006

Seek for Oxygen!!

Finally I've done my drama and presentation! Wahahaha!!!
I never thought that my drama went that smooth when changing the scene. Hm.. Mayb it wasn't the perfect one but at least we didn't do any mistake. ^.^
The presentations are over but... I still CANT take a good rest! I'm gonna sit for my mid term tomorrow and the worst is I still don't know where's the vanue and my seat number. Shit.. I thought it would be announced on the web site but actually it's outside the lecturer's room. What the heck?!
Oh no.. Oh shit.. Bloody shit.. I still have another presentation on Monday! What am I suppose to do?? I'm going to present ALONE!!! I'm going to Genting on Saturday early in the morning.
Hm.. Guess I have to stay in my room searching for the information instead of hanging out with the people..

1. Moral & Ethics- Pre-marital Sex.
Due date: March 20

2. Statistics & Probablity assignment.
Due date: March 27

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