Friday, February 10, 2006

Something wrong with it...

Something wrong with my stomach. I got no appetite these few days. Since when huh? I guess since that day I came back here, I don't have a proper meal. Before and after sick, I vomited what I'd eaten. Sigh.. What's wrong huh? Perhaps I didn't take food for de whole day then my stomach cant stand for it.. but anyway.. hehe... maybe can slim down.. Haha..
Stupid lar, Putri said I was skinny. SKINNY?? She described me using de word 'skinny'.. What de heck! I think she had optic illusion that day. Lolz.. whatever.. I know I am not. But now.. Think I might lose weight since I dont really eat within these few days.
Maybe going to KL later. Actually, Im not suppose to go. First, I'm not feeling well and yet I need to take a very good rest since I don't have class until Monday. But, Haha.. mayb too excited and I called Tammy, telling her that Im gonna meet her today. So.. I will go then....
Har... so dizzy here... %#!@$(&^*@&*

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