Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Whatever but pls behave!

Frankly, when I first heard that I was warthful. I really don't understand why those poeple are so immature?! That guy, I don't think he knows me so well. Not even WELL and yet he can smeared me. That girl; please ok.. We never contact for that long period and you still can know things about me. So smart huh? Please shut of your f*cking mouth, bitch!
Although now I'm fine, it doesn't mean that I'm giving the chance for them to keep gossip about people's. Chean had calm me down. He was right. Dont ever care what people said if you never done what comes out from their big bloody shitty mouth!
I am fine now friend. Don't worry and sorry if my reaction made you feel awkward.

There's ppl talking, they talk about me. They know my name they think they know everything but they don't know anything about me*

-Hilary Duff-

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