Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm in de lab right now, waiting for my turn to present. But de tutor hasn't call my name!! Ish..
The first presentation I was nervous; the second presentation I was fine, I was cool; but this time, I am so nervous ler.. =.="
Some of them really did well for their power point. Mine?? OMG.. It sucks lar!! WTF!! I feel like mine is just been done by an idiot like me.. ARGH! I thought it was just simply done something that de tutor tought us.. but ..really looks stupid lar my power point. Things about myself?? Sounds cool.. WTF! It is not! Totally not, ok?!! Hm... Stupid lar... Why am I telling people about myself?? I really did something wrong! Very very wrong!!! I shouldn't!! Yea! I'm about telling everyone about me! My privacy!! What de hell Im doing???
What to do??? Just to wait for de embarrassing moment...!!!!

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