Friday, December 09, 2005

Faded life of mine...

Hm... Whoa... Take a deep breath!! I'm gonna fed up lar! No matter studied earlier before the exam or at the exact date, de emotion would still de same!
My test is at 5:30pm... Hm.. I suppose to immerse myself in de book but.. God.. I'm blogging right now.. Feel so bored! Bored at my recent's blog! Nothing much to express.. Maybe that's my life now.. It's kinda gloomy.. Argh.. Someone there? Light up my life..?
Actually still have something to express.. but I just feel like, I'm saying, thinking, bothering and wondering at de samething.. Just useless to say so much.. Nothing much to say... Disappointed at my own life! I hate this kind of life!!
A faded life....

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