Monday, November 21, 2005

Work on it!

Ha.. Finally I found out where is my 11.50! If it wasn't my careless, I think I won't feel so frustrated yesterday! Lolz.. Just some calculate mistakes~
I forced myself not to think about that but ended up I feel more depressed. Really fed up with that! I said that I shouldn't focus so much on it anymore but I never take my eyes away from that.
Argh!! My heart is yelling and screaming without anyone's attention. Why I don't focus more on my family huh? Not that I don't want to, just I still not yet find out the way to do what I should to for them beside getting an excellent result on my studies. Excellent result? How I wish that I could! I really have to work harder on it.
Is anyone out there to guide me? I said, I cried not because of him, I cried because I feel sad for myself.. Sad? Why sad? Yea.. Losing one time doesn't mean that I'll keep losing forever! Sounds like I have the strength... God knows...

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