Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday, no.. I don't really remember. I think is days ago. I was watching drama- Reaching For the Stars. While de drama was playing, followed by a song. I looked at de lyrics and my tears dropped once again. It's something like this- I just realized that I love U more than as I thought; I've missed U because of my careless. I analyse myself honestly during de dead of night and there's no point to deny that, I'm loving U more than I thought...
My God.. It really speaks my mind. No, it reminds me. It let me know that I used to be like that.
Got her message this afternoon. Thanks girl, U really woke me up..
She asked me not to put any hope inside it. Yea, it is just a past right now. I have to accept that and have no blame in that. I have to satisfy what I got before. Right. I was so lucky compared to many people... It's hard to not to think about it. If I couldn't let it go by now, then just set it aside. Whatever I want to do, please do have a limit. Yea.. That's right.. Thanks for telling me this my friend.
Don't too persistent in love affair.. That's it~


Anonymous said...

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Sashiki~ said...

Sigh~..Human's brain is like a non-stop machine.No matter how many times u tell it not to think anymore, but all the things will still come out in picture. What is the point for that? Thinking over n over again for those sadness, hurts, pains...n at last nothing gain from it. Life is life, we always hope for the ups and deny all the downs, however the reality is cruel. Mayb u think I'm weird today...n either myself think that I'm weird. Hope that we can pass through all the barrel n become stronger one day..
p.s-I like that nite,although that nite was little least we can release ourself.