Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holidays End...

Time really passes fast. It's just 5 days left then I'm going back to Malacca. Spent some happy moment wih my friends and family in this 5 weeks holidays indeed. I think I'm alright now though sometimes I might think bout that stuff. Don't you think so since I didn't post up my blog this few days. I think meaning that there was really nothing much keep bothering me.. But, if recalling those memories is a crime, then I'm guilty...

Next trimester is going to begin. I don't think that I'm going to concentrate at my studies in this 2nd trimester. It's just only 7 weeks, including exam week. I have had a plan.. After 3 weeks there, I think I'm coming back to give Louie a surprise.. Ha, ha.. Love to give people around me a big surprise. Perhaps I do like surprise too.. :)
Think I'll spend few days in B'W with my friends once again. So happy while thinking of going to meet my friend soon.

There's another thing never stop bothering me. When's Daddy going to send me some pocket money?! I have to pay 600 for the rental fees.. Gosh! I feel so bad when everytime I've to ask some money from Mum.. Whoa.. Wake up so early today if compared to those days... ;)
I'm so hungry now, waiting for my breakfast-lunch~
Yea, Happy 10th Birthday to my dearest sister, Shelvon.

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