Saturday, November 12, 2005

Going back..

I'm going back to Malacca tomorrow morning. So happy that I can post up everything after tomorrow. :)
Went out with Nicole, Sashiki, Cindy and Kenny yesterday. We went to Redbox, movie.. It's kinda cheap cause we were using student card.. Ha, ha!!
I was drunk yesterday.. Well, although I don't really remember what I've said yesterday night, I knew I had said something that I dare not to say and didn't wish to say..
Whoa.. How come I got the guts huh? What de hell.. Not considered as drunk I think, just... hmm.. those alcholic made me blur, gave me the courageous.. Whatever.. But, my tears dropped once again when Nicole talked to me in the car. We mentioned 'bout that... Shit.. What am I doing right now? Didn't I pomised that I'm not going to mention and bother bout it anymore?:)
I'm smiling.. Think I know what I want now.. That's the smile, Shella... :).. Hope it'll keep goin' on...
I'm gonna miss my friends and family a lot when I get back to Malacca. I can't wait to spend the time with Louie and friends. I think it must be very enjoyable while a bunch of us joning Louie.. Don't you guys think so? But first I have to do is get a good figure for my own before I join the beach party with my friends.. Gosh! Everytime after I made my commiment, I'll never reach my words.. Haha... Hm.. But, I think I'll reach this- Never return~ ;)
Alright, gotta stop by now. Hope everything is fine and, God bless all of you, my lovely friends and family...

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