Friday, November 25, 2005

Get off~

My roommate and I really stupid! Damn insane! No wonder we are roommate.. We were on the way back to our apartment. I was not willing to get to my room and she would like to hang out. Then we decided to change our plan, which is going to MP tomorrow. Since I'm not sure that I am going to KL or not, we went to MP~!
Again to announce, shOpping really makes my day~ Perhaps I was really stressed these days. After shopping around, I got the strength to do my studies... But... Feel so bad lar. I was lying to them.. Sorry yea friends. That is why I promised will hand up my works for U guys tomorrow morning or I won't try to finish everything that late..
Finally I finished my job. Hm.. hope what I did will be accepted tomorrow...
Sigh... The class is at 8 tomorrow.. Damn it.. I skipped econ. class at 12p.m. today. I was darn tired and suddenly my stomachache.. Eventually, I slept in my room... So, no matter how, I must attend the 2 classes for tomorrow- the last day of the studying week~

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