Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Went to the class with Putri just now and we got know that there was no tutorial. Thought that I' would go back early. Syafiq and Putri wanted to take breakfast. If is last time, I wouls reject them but now, I don't feel like wanna find some excuse to reject them even though I don't really wanna take my breakfast. I can need no breakfast but I'll lost control while dinner or supper time.. Somemore I just had a slice of bread before I went out. Finally I took my breakfast with them at mamak.
Doing nothing now. Perhaps I woke up early and I'm a bit headache now... My sleep for yesterday at 2 something is just like taking a nap. Ha, ha.. So that's why I woke up in time.
Aiks.. I have invited Jinn to have lunch together. Now I really don't feel like wanna spend more cause I've spent extra for my breakfast.. But.. I've asked her to join.. Hm.. Whatever.. Better don't go for dinner tonight!

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