Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Plans have changed. I just came back from JJ, had McD before finish blogging. Hm, actually I just came back from Yamaha Music. At first Jinn and I wanted to ask about drum and piano lesson. We still considering about it. I'm thinking about piano and violin. Which one should I learn? I'm afraid I'll give up on de half way...
Thanks a lot. U reminded me. I felt so guilt when I realized that this stuff has faded away from my mind. You're so right. They will never know and never thought that de parent's children will never forget how these people treat their parent. They thought we are still kiddy and they don't even know how deep is our grudge against them.
Those who have improved, I forgive them since they know how to behave their wording; but those who are still on the sly, better be careful.. And as U say, I must want them to return everything by paying double or even more than that!
Their hypocritical on my family because of my dad; their despiteful on my family; they were sneering at my mum.. And everything! If I am not that close with their granddaughter and daughter.. I think I would not regard them as my relatives! Never!
We have to work hard on everything for our family and prove to those bastards! Thanks for reminding me... Perhaps they won't feel guilt but someday, someday they will never have an easy time to go through...

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