Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Feel that my life is so empty. I was doing nothing all de way but luckily I did went to de group assignment which I had not yet prepared just now.. I tried to search as much as I could so that I won't be a dumber while discussion.. Ha, ha..
Jinn was right. I brought de toubles myself. It was me who always recall those sadness and remind myself 'bout the sadness.. But, sometimes when U just feel down.. U won't feel like stop thinking 'bout that..
Busy does work! When I have a lot of things to work out, I really did not have de time to think that much.. That's good.
Sigh, thought that I'll copy de notes or do some revision tonight. Ended up, I was watching drama...
Again! Uncontrolable.. I had fried maggie at mamak with them after de discussion... Sigh lar~

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