Sunday, October 16, 2005

Let it be...

It's been a long time I didn't post up my blog.
One week, it's already one week I'm here. Time really passes fast. I met him few times in this week. If says that I feel nothing then I'm lying. I nearly fall into de trap that day. Thanks to Cyn. She reminded me. I can keep him as a special person in my heart. A special position in my heart but think nothing between me and him anymore. Yea, I should know this.. Juas as Yb. I still keeping him a different position with others in my heart but just never think about will have another chance with him. I know sometimes I did thinking whether someday we'll have another chance but I really keep reminding myself with these advices.
Everything, every past, just let it be. I can't do anything now. Just treat him as my good friend. This is what I'm trying now. Hope it works.
Some memories make me laugh, make me smile. Some memories make me pain.. I wish that I'll let it go as soon as possible. As what I've told her- A known stranger really makes me feel painful...

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