Saturday, October 22, 2005


The one who loved me de most N' de one who i'm loving de most hurts me de deepest..
I know he doesn't like I talk 'bout tat topic.. I know he doesn't want this prob to bother him. That's why, I'm afraid. So, I've to talk about it as a joke, with joy.. What? With joy.. What de heck..?! I've to talk with a joyful voice, but no one knows, how painful was my heart at that moment; how wet were my eyes at that moment; how my tears gushed out that moment.. Nobody knows...


Anonymous said...

You should think back
, what he done to you, worth it if you keep doing something on him?

犯溅的溅人 said...

yalo yalo... this world is always unfair... but that's why we are gifted with brilliant thinking machine not like chiken or dog, they don't know how to think... so if you do think that he's worth any of your time even you think that his your friend make sure you did it right... and if you think he doesn't worth any just leave him there... don't let him get in to your way... hehe nice to talk once bullshit kena marah... wil it be like that..?>.<