Sunday, September 04, 2005

World of our own~

Just came back not long ago, had my shower d..
We went to red box just now. It's been along time we never been to red box.. Ha, ha.. It was so happy, so enjoying and we were have fun there...
Went to 69 cafe just now. Our purpose was for de "ta luo" thingy lar.. hehe..
Foo came to find us then, his friend was with him.. After that we went to Souled Out Cafe, a place for ppl to watch football match, drinks.. Had a lot of fun there.. We were just like live in our own world.. Ha, ha~ Seems like back to last time when s10 together.. No one understands what were we talking about, what were we laughing about..
According to de fortune teller,.. erm.. how to say ler? I just know what he've said is very very accurate.. He's very confident in himself, he's pretty...I'm a melancholic.. He said that..
Now what I have to do is better get a got relation with my family, especially female's members.. sigh.. I don't hope that anything bad happen to my family or between my family members and I.. That's all I want...
It's very tired now.. I'm going back to Malacca tmr.. Sad..

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