Sunday, September 25, 2005

Time after time..

Actually I have to be in de library at 12p.m.. Eventually I reached here at 2p.m...Waited for San to print out de maths past year Q and we went for our lunch.. I ate biscuits actually but it didn't work.. It wouldn't fulfill my satisfaction.. Damn it, I spent almost 3 hours to finish a set of maths.. Oh Gosh.. how could this happen to me? The MSQ part took me a long time but I just took a few moment then I done my structured part.. Doing nothing here.. I should do my HD revision today.. Sigh... I just brought econ and maths here... Hmm.. think tonight I have to study HD..
My stomach is not feeling well.. Would it possible I get gastric? Hm.. I think wont lar.. I ate a lot ler.. sigh... Think it's indigestion again...
I've spent almost 30 bucks in 3 days... Gonna die.. Tonight there'll be going to Heritage.. Told them I'll join them but just now took my lunch twice..hmm.. and I just left 10 bucks.. Oh.. GOd!! I spent 40 bucks in 3 days... Die die die...
Jinn said she feels that I'm a bit different compared as before. Look better.. look 'ok' already.. Since I meantioned in front of her yesterday.. Ha, ha.. Am I?
Stupid San keeps miss-calling me.. annoying... I switched my phone to 'offline' status so that anyone will not call in..Wahahaha... Gotta continue my studies ler... Aja! Aja!~

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