Saturday, September 24, 2005

That's de smile, shella..

I was doing my maths.. Hmm.. It's quite a few days I didn't count down.. Ha.. I took out the calander and it's just 14 days left.. 2 weeks~ I smiled, truly smiled.. Even now I think of that.. Yea.. That's de smile, shella... :)
Feel that these days time passes a bit fast than before.. Is that I've changed? Mdm, you're right.. we're in charged in our feelings.. I'm really feeling better after that day.. Didn't think of that and didn't get down easily.. I really frustrated that time.. While listening to those sad songs sure I'll get down.. Recently, while I heard de songs, I got that feel but it's different already, a regret that I knew it wouldn't come back anymore and with smile and release..
But there's a weird feeling.. so far I'm no longer moody or.. hmm.. whatever.. While in a bad condition I need cures.. Now I'm alright but I'm still looking back for those feeling, not those feeling, is looking back for the previous me.. Ha, weird right? Aiya.. weird ler.. Miss that feeling ler.. Don't know how to say... I'm thinking what if that day I didn't go to see Masyitah.. A bit curious...
What do I really want huh? Hmm.. Whatever lar.. Fight for exam~

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