Tuesday, September 13, 2005


What happened to me just now? I lost my appetite... Weird man! Today had chicken for my lunch after de speaking test. While going back to EP with Putri, we bought ice-cream. Finally I tasted! yuMmy~ I think tomorrow I don't wanna spend for my meal. Hmm.. before class, have some instant noodles perhaps. Lazy to go down recently.. yea right, then I can replace my expenditure of de ice-cream~
Oh ya.. Today I ate everything damn slow ler. At least slower than usual. Just now had cereal and biscuits as my dinner. While finished that pack of biscuits, I brought out another one cause I know it wouldn't reach my satisfaction. But, I just put it there, then I kept it again. Maybe de ice-cream made me full. Is it? Then feel like wanna have some chocolate but I was just feel like no appetite. Don't know what to do. It's weird if I go on my bed cz I'm just going for 1 class tomorrow at 2-4 and I sleep that early for what?
Thanks Jinn, we talked quite a long time just now. She's taking her shower now. Talked about our life in our hometown, talked 'bout our friends.. Maybe I'm stressed. Feeling better after had laughs with my roommate~
Stressed for what? Yea, don't know which way to study.. freak!

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