Sunday, September 18, 2005


I took a long nap just now. Jiun Horng asked me to go down bout 12 and there'll be mooncakes there. Hmm.. Just came back bout 4 something.. Well, one mooncake cut into 4 slices, I think I had 2++ mooncakes.. Damn it.. left 1 and he brought it back to his roommates.. Ha..
It's very sleepy now.. God!! I found my crush's pic! He is damn damn damn cute+handsome! His friendster.. woow.. It's very very special.. Don't know how to say! Just a word, wOnderful~! Haiz.. but this one is only good for eye sight lar.. Not qualified to go after.. Ha, ha~!
Friendster got some new costume for de front page.. His one is damn special... Maybe I not yet look for others~ Hmm.. learning how to do create something new for that..
Dawn is breaking~ but shella's going to her bed... 'night'~...

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