Friday, September 23, 2005

mission failed!!

Thought I'll be having liquid diet today.. sigh.. I falied to do it !! I can endure from not eating a whole day if I don't eat any single thing.. But once I eat something, I must eat a lot! I had 3 flavour chicken rice just now since I saw Jinn was eating... Then I asked San to take away for me..Well I didn't feel anything in my stomach.. Then.. I had 4 packs of biscuits.. The last pack I found it has already expired .. Don't know whether am I going to get food poisoning or not!? Not yet de story ends.. Went to de chinese food shop with Jinn and San at almost 1.. Sigh.. We ate a lot of things lar.. I had wan tan mee.. That's my main supper.. then fried wan tan.. Chee cheong fun... Whoa!! Really a fatty now... No longer fat lar.. I'm obese!! Argh!! Don't know whether is it having too much of biscuits.. My face are like full moon now! Though mooncake festival has over but I still can see 'full moon' while I look into de mirror.. And I don't look well actually.. My face is so pallic... Sigh.. sleep after 5 in the morning everyday, how come I'm going to look normal? especiall de eye bag.. it's getting worst.. not yet ready to sleep ler.. I wanted to.. but Jinn is still down there... Still thinking whether wanna find her or not... sigh~!!

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