Tuesday, August 23, 2005

can i achieve my dreams?

Finished de japanese drama yesterday. Good luck, it's about flight.. pilot..blah blah blah..~ So sweet.. de first they hold their hand.. At de beach, i love beaches~~ Looking at de plane departs.. Ahh... donno how to explain.. so sweet.. haha.. They go to Hawaii( acrtually any country also can.. hihi), standing at de sea-side... how nice, how sweet..
Got lot of dreams ler.. I used to live in my own fantasy last time.. love to imagine.. Sometime when I get de result that i'm a romantic person during playing some test, i always deny that.. now? haha.. agree with that also lar.. besides treating me candle lights on de table :S....
Hmm... when can i achieve my fantasy?? Maybe one day.. but i know it wont happen now.. One day.. still have a long way to go.. am i gonna wait for that? yea.. why not?
Back from class d.. dismissed at 3:30.. how good is Abadan.. Ha, ha... But de group discussion spent me 15 min.. damn it.. whatever lar.. now...wanna take a bath..then finish Armageddon.. super out dated lar.. I've started it since ?? ago but always failed to finish it.. Still remember went to aunt's house that time but after bout half an hour, mum called and asked me to go home.. De 2nd time.. 40 min.. duno wat that i couldn't finish it lar.. this time.. no matter how.. i wanna finish it.. and i'm gonna kill who is disturbing me.. Ha, ha.. Thanks pu3.. This is her housemate(Qish)'s wan lar.. Borrowed from her... K lar.. C ya around!
Oo.. Make an extra effort for your dreams~

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