Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back to sch...

Arrived here early in de morning.. Felt so sleepy but I went to my class at 10a.m.. Chean got me to caltex ystrday with ck. At first was only me n chean. He wanted to treat me at victoria station. Ck called him then we went to chai leng park to have our supper. Near "wai sek kai" there. Me n chean had western food while ck had curry mee.. And some Otak-otak..
I passed my math paper. So glad bout that cz at 1st de lecturer said many students failed on that paper. I checked my result out of her office. Wow..fortunately I passed. My group has 25 student failed, over 36 students. Jinn's group also many students failed but my group's percentage is more than her's. I got 11.? if not mistaken is 11.1 lar..over 15... But i dun think i can get well for my accounting.. Haiz..
Goin' to pasar malam with Jinn them. I nvr go to monday's pasar malam.. Heard Pu3 said de bun puff is nice, 1.50...Haiya..my budget for tonight's dinner is only 3 bucks ler.. But nvm la..go to pasar malam wut.. Meng Horng asked me to open up my heart... Join more ppl.. dun so unsocialable.. I'll try..
Jinn knew I got love sick but she doesn't know what's really happening. Cz jst now she said i looked like have love sick. I din say anything. Later on she saw my eyes were red then she asked me what happened? "say it out and we share together ma", she told me that. She's my roommate wut.. So I jst told her,"I got love sick".. THat's all... Dunno how to say that.. So tired d.. Not wish to say much anymore cz i knew Tamm will scolds me.. Not only her.. Cyn also will.. My friends will do. Tammy n cyn will going back to bw tonight.. Feel like wanna pee ler.. see ya later...

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