Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Hmm.. I open my eyes. De light in switched on. It was not yet eight. Jiin was there cause she has tutorial at 8a.m.. I woke upat about 8:50a.m.. Taken my bath and prepared my breakfast- cereal.. Ha, ha.. I looked on my clothes.. So bored.. Whatever... Sitting in front of this Pc.. Ooo.. This morning's connection not bad huh.. Raniy day..
Just finished viewing from Cyn's space(MSN). There are some hers and Tammy's pic.. Oo.. I like that "me^sun26".. 2 fellows with same post..
Got Fiz's call just now. She's showering now I think.. She asked me to go to class with her cause she doesn't have an umbrella. No problem lar.. While typing, got Pu3's call. She needs my help and asked whether I have umbrella or not.. Ya.. I do have.. She gets fever ler.. But still wanna go to classes...
Hmm.. besides online.. I got another thing to do when I'm free- Look at de "Planner MMU". It's something like calander that given by MMU while orientation day. Counting when is de break.. when is de holiday.. Panning when to back and not to back...Ha, ha..
Captured few photos ler.. But I think I only can post it up bout 2 weeks later.. Cause that stupid memory card corrupted wut.. Haven't get it yet cz that day I was late and de shop closed d..
Well...Wondering whether wanna switch off my pc or not.. I'm afraid of thunder but I'm also afraid to touch more than that and cause other unecessary promblems~ This stupid even hang when I wanna "shut down"..weird..
Okidoki.. gOtta stop here.. See ya later~

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